Hi there, I’m Cami, and I’m pumped you’re here! I’ve created this space as a platform to share what I passionately believe: we are all athletes, and we are all training for life. I have a career in the investment industry and a passion for feeling fit in all areas of life. I live my life at this intersection of finance and fitness, both of which have gains and losses, similar to life.

I’ve checked and unchecked the boxes of life and even made new boxes. It’s a conscious hustle, a commitment to building personal sweat equity, and an investment in fulfillment. I immerse myself in every learning and tool along the way, and this self-exploration has led to this self-discovery: my purpose is to help people train for the game of life.

Feel free to sign up for my newsletter, and if anything I share resonates with you, I welcome conversation as I believe the opportunity to share and connect with aligned people is one of the many gifts of life. Thank you for being here.

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What I enjoy

  1. Training

    Build Sweat Equity

    In everything we do, we are performing. To perform well, we must feel well. Feeling well is an ongoing journey made possible when we, as individuals and leaders, train for all dimensions of life, and when we, as organizations, support our teams and team members in doing the same.

    When we Train for Life, we make a commitment to the holistic self-exploration and work required to achieve optimal performance. Through Optimal Performance Training, we explore the foundational components of peak performance in both personal and professional life.

    I’ve worked with business leaders, thought leaders, teams, and organizations leading the way to a more conscious future, a mission which undoubtedly requires optimal performance. It all starts with the willingness to invest in yourself – to treat life as your greatest asset and fulfillment as your greatest return.

    Organizations I’ve worked with include:

    • lululemon athletica
    • American Airlines
    • Blue Zones Project
    • Texas Christian University
    • TCU Neeley Fellows
    • TechFW
    • NBC5 News
    • Association for Corporate Growth
    • Kayo Conference Series
    • Texas Wall Street Women
    • Hedge Fund Managers Texas
    • Fort Worth Business Owner’s Summit
    • FabFitFun
    • Tone It Up
    • Girls, Inc.
    • SteerFW
    • Fierce Lab
    • Junior League of Fort Worth
    • FiTONIC Athlete Spotlight
    • The Baker Firm
    • Dallas Turtle Creek Men’s Breakfast Club
    • Scheef & Stone, LLP
    • 360West Women’s Leadership Symposium
    • Satori Capital
  2. Connecting

    Self-Discovery Starts With Self-Exploration

    Across a variety of topics, I love connecting and supporting others as they Train For Life whether through speaking engagements, immersive group experiences, individual coaching programs, or a personal favorite – the monthly community coaching hour.


    Speaking and Group Experiences

    Past topics include:

    • The Culture Equation: Operationalizing a Conscious Culture
    • Optimal Performance Training
    • Crafting Your Career
    • Becoming a Corporate Athlete
    • Design Your Life: Vision & Goals 2.0
    • Ditch the Diet: Secrets to Healthy Living
    • The Secrets to Happy, High-Performing Teams

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    1:1 Personalized Coaching Program

    I work with leaders in all seasons of life as long as they are deeply committed to their development and our work together. The desire must exist, and the rest we address together. I am careful with the number of new clients I see given the time and energy invested in each one with the highly personalized and in-depth nature of the program. I love this work as capacity allows. If you are interested, please feel free to contact me.

    Work with Cami


    Monthly Community Coaching Hour

    • A dedicated hour and safe space to receive real-time personal or professional support
    • An opportunity to connect with like-minded people and build your supportive network
    • No prep required – sign up and see what happens
    • Or, is something on your mind? – submit any questions or topics you would like addressed when you sign up

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  3. Investing

    The Return Must Be More Than Financial

    When I invest, the goal for me is a positive return in both numbers and impact. I believe in investing in what I can understand. I understand purpose-driven companies and values-aligned people, and I do what I can to join their journey.

    My portfolio includes a variety of investments such as:

  4. Giving

    The Best Thing You Can Do When You Find Your Flame Is To Help Keep Others Lit

    I was raised with a spirit of generosity. A portion of my work in the world is focused on giving back either to individuals or organizations committed to a positively impactful purpose.

    “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”  – Winston Churchill

“I’m en route. I’m further along than I was. But I am still en route. ”
– Maya Angelou

Resources I love

Training for life requires tools for all dimensions of wellbeing – physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, financial, and relational to name a few. There is an overwhelming amount of information out there. You can spend forever trying to explore it all, sometimes never even trying anything consistently enough to know its impact.

It is a lifelong investment of trial and error across these dimensions of wellbeing to build my Train For Life toolkit and team.  Although I believe only you can do the work, no one can do it alone.  My gratitude goes to many people who have supported my journey and perhaps shared their resources or experience, and it is my honor to pay it forward.

Feel free to join the monthly community coaching hour if you’re interested in a trusted resource for the following areas:

  • Health and Fitness
  • Personal Evolution and Empowerment
  • Professional Development and Services
  • Tangible Tools for Life Organization
  • Financial Wellbeing
  • Coaching and Therapy
  • Wellness Experiences and Travel

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Get to know Cami

  • Based in Fort Worth, Texas
  • Vice president at Satori Capital
  • Believer in conscious capitalism
  • BBA in Finance & Accounting and Master of Accounting Degree from TCU
  • Certified Public Accountant
  • Institute of Integrative Nutrition Graduate and Certified Holistic Health Coach
  • Stagen Integral Leadership Program and The Landmark Forum Graduate
  • Worked with many organizations and brands across wellness and finance

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The gym has always been my happy place, and I’ve often been asked: “What are you training for?” My answer: “Life. I’m training for life.”

I have spent over a decade building my expertise in wellness and wealth. I find it no coincidence that these two categories have been my focus, as Virgil once said, “The greatest wealth is health.”

I spend the majority of my time as the vice president of stakeholder experience for Satori Capital, a Texas-based, multi-strategy investment firm founded upon the principles of conscious capitalism. Prior to that, I worked as an auditor for KPMG focusing on financial services clients. Around this time, I experienced a state of burnout resulting from a lack of fulfillment in multiple areas of life and ended up in the hospital. As part of my healing, I followed my passion for fitness and drastically shifted careers to a role for lululemon athletica, opening the first and only store in Fort Worth, TX.  

My career journey from audit to athletic apparel to a culture-centric investment firm represents the road we all often take to discover work that brings us joy – work that aligns both our strengths and interests. My journey is a testament to the fact that our work, wealth, and wellness are closely related.

While the world of wellness had always been a constant in my life, it quickly became a non-negotiable. This is where the Train For Life philosophy was born. I learned that wellness is so much more than fitness and food. It’s multidimensional – it is our relationships, the work we do, the habits we keep, the thoughts we think, and more.  


Training for life is a commitment I’ve made to learning, listening, and investing in personal fulfillment and supporting others in doing the same. This hasn’t always been easy. We aren’t taught how to do this in school, which is why, since 2014, I return each year to my alma mater to take students through Optimal Performance Training, so they, too, can Train For Life.


You can think of this page as a virtual coffee moment, and my hope is that what I’ve shared here is what you might learn about me if we were to sit down together. Perhaps it also serves as a reminder that your story, just like mine, is unique and full of possibility. We are all more powerful and capable when we do the work to take care of ourselves, share our stories, and support one another. Consider this my invitation to you to let your light shine, share your story, and know that I’m here to support you however I can along the way.


I live in Fort Worth, TX with my goldendoodle, Coach (because everyone needs one), and am actively involved in the wellness and business community, a connoisseur of memorable experiences, and an advocate for living optimally in and outside of the workplace.

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